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Giving Small Business a Big Voice.

Turning Small Businesses into Beautiful Brands

Let me tell your story through a Stunning Website, Social Media Content, and Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Let's Meet

I'm Katie, the #smallbusinessmarketingexpert

I come from a small business owner background. I have been in your shoes. Several times. I know what it’s like to have a small marketing budget. Too small to hire a marketing employee or hire one of those big, fancy marketing agencies. I know what it’s like to not have enough time  to give your marketing the attention it deserves. Why? Because you're busy doing the 10495032 other tasks to run your business. I get it!


So how did I end up running a marketing agency? Great question; I wouldn’t have believed it myself 6 years ago when I was a 24 year old that just took out 6 figures of debt to open her dream dog daycare, boarding, and grooming center.


We opened in the beginning of December; the absolute worst time of the year in the industry! We expected lines at the door when we opened and unfortunately, the clients trickled in. We didn’t have the money to place big print ads all over town. We had to buckle down and figure out a way to get clients in the door. We got very creative; from hosting dog birthday parties, to having photos with Santa, and doggie ice cream parties in the Summer. We partnered with the local animal shelters to hand out our information with every dog adopted. We ran 5ks wearing attention grabbing shirts that read, “We train, board, and groom dogs better than we run!” We learned the power of social media marketing and email marketing. Our clients felt our passion and love of our business and our exceptional customer service began to set us apart from the other facilities in town. Word of mouth spread rapidly. It worked. We built an exceptional repeat customer base. In fact, we saw most of our clients at least 2 to 3 times A WEEK! Some of our clients used our service EVERY DAY! In a year and a half in business, we were named the Favorite Grooming Shop in town and the second Favorite Boarding Kennel! 

In 2016 I was named Lancaster County's Young Woman Entrepreneur of The Year, and then burnout set in. After three years of running my dream business, I could no longer keep up with the grueling schedule. I walked away from my business and set off to find another entrepreneurial pursuit. I tried several business that failed, For each of these ventures, I needed a website. I couldn't afford for someone to design one for me, so I had to figure it out myself. I spent weeks bumbling around Wix, using trial and error. I was so proud of myself when I published my first functioning website! Each website I created got prettier and prettier.  Like expensive marketing agency pretty. My website for my latest business Fontana Candle Company got many comments. Who designed that? I did! 


And then my father-in-law approached me. After 15 years of hard work, his business was just about to hit it big. His ice fishing vehicle was going to appear on a popular CNBC Reality Investing Show. And well, his website needed help. A lot of help. It looked like it came straight out of 1996. He needed me to design a functional, updated website that would wow the thousands of new potential clients that were about to Google his business.  The kicker, the air date of the show was less than 4 weeks away. I buckled down and presented him with a beautifully branded website in less than two weeks. I also became his Social Media Manager and drove tens of thousands of new visitors to his content through Google Adwords campaigns and a comprehensive Social Media Advertising campaign, I now had the confidence (and an A from the Yale School of Management Executive Education's Digital Marketing Class) to begin my marketing consulting business!

Since then, I have helped various small business owners hit their marketing goals. From start -ups to seven figure businesses, from product marketing to consumers, or business to business services; I am confident that I can help take your marketing to the next level! Contact me today to schedule a free consultation. Let’s see what we can do to elevate your brand and your business!

Katie Roering

My Services

Marketing Strategy & Implementation

-Helping you Create & Capture Value by Mapping the Customer Journey

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

-FB Advertising Expert

-Email Marketing Campaigns

-Retargeting Campaigns

-Google Adwords

Wix Website Design

-Mobile optimized sites

-Ecommerce sites for Makers



Katie, thank you for doing such a great job on our website. In a matter of 2 weeks you had our website up and running, Crazy fast

It was so well laid out and easy to navigate, with a creative and artistic touch. Knowing very little about our industry you took it upon yourself to research and learn, and what a quick study you are.

As you enter new social media posts, you
sound like a seasoned veteran with the word talent of a journalist.
Our followers noticed the step up and more professional image immediately.

We experienced a sales increase this year and I attribute much of this to the great job you did at elevating our image.

Thank you so very much for taking on our project!

Tom Roering, President


Katie partnered with us to build an integrated marketing strategy for our small business.

Her knowledge of both digital and traditional marketing has helped us leverage our brand to the right audiences, at the right time, resulting in increased awareness and leads.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build a brand and market their business to their target audience.

Francesca Vaughn

Limitless Services

Yale Certificate.JPG

"Excellent and insightful analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign and the keyword. It's great to see how you considered the use of Split A/B Testing for the keywords. Great Job!"

"Excellent Work! Your understanding of Search Engine Marketing & Content Marketing is above average. All your responses were insightful, clear and concise."

"What an exceptional submission! Your responses indicate a comprehensive understanding of the key functions of social media."

"Excellent assignment. You have managed to show how mobile technologies and partnerships through apps can create value within the customer journey."

"Excellent Activity Submission! Your responses show that you have run A/B Tests in your work and your understanding of experimentation in digital marketing can not be disputed. It is well above-average."

"What a pleasure going through your activity submission. You have once again shown an above-average understanding and this week of the module on operational strategies for digital transformation and evidence-based management."

"It's been a pleasure grading your assignments for this course. You have submitted great work throughout the course. This submission was no different. You have a solid grasp of digital marketing and all the concepts you have learned throughout the course. 

Well Done!"

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